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Automatic Handling and Consignment for Plasterboards

Those who aim to succeed must be able to produce more quickly, even more flexibly and most important of all: more economically.
The market demands top quality and just-in-time delivery. The customers of Systraplan want to meet this requirments with an integral concept designed to allow more flexible, more profitable delivery for every plasterboard size and right down to pick size “one".more about plasterboard picking systems >>

Flexibility is what counts

The harsh production environment in the building board industry puts heavy demands on material transport and handling systems. The equipment must be robust, wear-resistant and reliable; as the following examples show:

Because of changing market requirements especially for slate facade panels, in one case a coating plant for fibre cement slabs had to be entirely renewed. Apart from operational flexibility, transport speeds of up to 120 m per minute were required.

The plant specification alone covered more than 100 pages. The coating plant was provided on site. The photo opposite shows a small section out of the entire equipment including bus systems and visualisation devices was installed in two containers.

Sandwich elements

Cooling hedgehoge for sandwich elements
Systraplan supplies components for the continuous production of sandwich elements with PUR/PIR-foam core for the construction of cold stores, wall and roof cladding and sectional-door panels.

Systraplan offers different plant concepts, which can be adapted to the customers' individual wishes.

SYSTRAPLAN has been developing standard concepts for material handling and storage system. These standard concepts are then adapted to customer requirements.

Automatic consignment Storage for Plasterboards

Highly flexible stacking station for small and large size fibre cerment boards without set-up.

Corrugated slabs are picked up by means of a vakuum device and stacked on a scissor-type lifting platform.

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