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18.February 2022

10 Years cost-effective high-bay warehouse for order picking of panels

More than 10 years ago, SYSTRAPLAN introduced the Volkslager for automatic picking of a wide variety of panel materials as a cost-effective alternative to an area storage system. The high-bay warehouse concept is interesting for companies that have to manage a large number of different panel materials, where an area storage system reaches its limits.

SYSTRAPLAN’s Volkslager, a success story

The specialist for material flow and storage technology from Herford in eastern Westphalia had already presented this concept for the first time 10 years ago at LIGNA.

In the meantime, numerous Volkslager systems have been delivered. The customers are usually small to medium-sized companies from Germany and abroad.

Positive customer feedback

"We have met the spirit of the times with the concept," says export manager Hartmut Brünger. "Limiting ourselves to the essentials was and is the guiding principle in order to get an affordable high-bay warehouse system up and running. In doing so, we were able to benefit from years of experience in the field of panel picking. The feedback from our Volkslager customers is very positive".

The demand for quality, functionality and durability was also implemented at the Volklager.

Cost-effective RBG for single pandels

The key element of the concept is a newly developed stacker crane for the entry-level price segment. Even at first glance, it is clear that it differs from the familiar conventional stacker cranes in terms of its design.

Direct access in the warehouse

The main advantage of the Volkslager is still direct access to a large number of different panels. Time-consuming and energy-consuming restacking to get to the required panels, as is usual in area storage systems with stacks up to 2 m high, can be eliminated.
With low stack heights in the rack, the panel material is accessed directly with the rack serve carrier. Even with a low ceiling height of 4 m the high-bay storage system compares favourably with an area  storage system.

Damage-free handling

One of the most important further advantages is the damage-free handling of the materials. The sensitive panels are properly prepared for processing in the shortest possible time. The picking of individual plates can take place directly on the stacker crane.

Individual customer-specific design of the storage system

With the numerous options offered for the Volkslager, the system is expandable and can be individually designed to fulfill the performance and space conditions of the customer. If desired, the complete stack can also be moved with the rack serve carrier.