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PLC warehouse administration system


SYSTRAPLAN warehouse managment via SIEMENS-IPC

PLC storage and control system is equipped with a Siemens IPC with a 19” monitor. The user screens are clear, application orientated and easy to use – either by keyboard or by mouse. Optionally, a multi-user system is possible.

The PLC storage and control system used to manage unmixed and chaotic stacks.

Types of Storage

  • Fixed allocation storage: Each storage place has a fixed pre-allocation about specific material to be stored. Each material handled will be only stored in places which are pre-allocated. This kind of storage is mainly used for material which is handled very often and in large quantities.
  • Rainbow storage: This type of storage means that different type of material pieces are stored in the same storage place, but stacked. This type of storage requires in most cases a restacking of material to reach that piece, which should be taken off. In order to apply rainbow storage with necessary restacking there should be at least two empty storage places available.

The storage control program assures automatically that all the time such necessary restacking places are available. Therefore, it is always possible to retrieve the lowest part of a stack by restacking the parts above.

This article administration covers article no. (32-digit alphanumeric), extra item descriptions (32-digit alphanumeric), dimensions, intake date and material specific - parameters.

The feed takes place through storing places. For the transfer into stock the operator enters the article no., number of pieces and protection board on top/beneath. In addition, the use of a scanner for the storage data input is possible.

The PLC storage system selects from the article master data (dimensions, storing type) the respective storage place or storage place group in the chaotic storage.

Rearrangements jobs from one storage place to the other can be manually entered. The remove from stock is carried out to defined places (i.e. saws) or to storing places.

Also, the storage program enables board pre-picking from the chaotic storage.

Furthermore, the system can administrate external block storage as well as a manual residual stock. The storage environment (handling equipment) can be integrated in the control system and inventory management.

Data transfer to the saw

The data transfer from other systems (i.e. saw, optimization software, higher ranking systems) by ASCII- or CSV Files is possible.

For the materials management files will be created on the inventory and order proposals. This data can then e.g. be stored and constantly updated on a central server PC. The connection takes place by means of a network ETHERNET.
User Screen: Creating Orders

SYSTRAPLAN provides a standard interface in order allow the connection of a higher ranking control from the customer. Any necessary amendments of the standard interface will be invoiced on a time and material basis.

We can already draw on standard interfaces that are defined for the connection to the HOLZMA or SCHELLING saws. Additional costs can entail should it be necessary to newly define interfaces for the connection of saws coming from different manufacturers.

We also offering a warehouse administration system on PC basis. Here you will find a detailed description.

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We also offering a warehouse administration system on PC basis. More...

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