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Storage and Sorting System for Tires


Comprehensive solutions for tire handling and storage systems

Systraplan is well known for its high bay and area storage systems in the board industry. Now we also are offering our experience in this area to the tire industry.

On the end of the tire production is it necessary to arrange the finished tires. Systraplan has developed a fully automatic solution for sorting, buffering and storing tires. 

Different applications are possible

The picking devices can also be used for handling applications between the tire building and curing process as well as for palletizing and picking for commissioning in a distribution centre.

Most careful and safe tire handling

Specially designed picking devices, which are running on gantries, are handling the tires most carefully and safe.

The design of the picking devices is always custom orientated. The tires are be picked up by squeezing them from the inner bead.


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