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Dynamic Storage System

The software for the storage control consists of following features for a dynamic storage. With a dynamic storage each storage place contains only the same material.

However, each storage place is not allocated to a specific material but to a material group. Such a material group can consist of several kind of material with different characteristics.

Better use of storage space

The first material placed in such a storage place determines the material for this specific storage place. After complete clearance of the storage place, the system is able to store then a different material, belonging to the same material group, in this storage place.

Dynamic storage is mainly used for material often needed, which is handled in different quantities, when there is not enough storage capacity to allocate fixed places.

Stack height will be maintained

The information about the places and classifications as well as the height will be maintained by the storage control system. 
If the stack is reaching a certain height, a shuttle is forwarding the stacks to an outfeed conveyor system.

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