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Belt Tray Mechanism


Accumulation for auto booking

From the transfer belt conveyor, the treads are transferred to the accumulation belt conveyor, where the treads are collected to a charge, with precise lateral spacing between the treads.

The number of treads, that constitute a charge, depends upon the width of the treads and the depth of the leaves of the leaf truck, and is selected by the operator. Following attached are further conveyors / cross transfers for buffering complete tread charges. 

Auto booking of the leaf trucks

After the buffering the batch is transferred onto the belt tray. As soon as this transfer is completed (provided that an open leaf truck is in position), the belt tray moves with the batch into the open leaf truck.

Immediately after reaching the end position, the belt tray begins to retract while its belts are running forward with exactly the same speed of the retracting belt tray. Thus the tread batch is kept stationary in relation to the leaf, resulting in its precise positioning on the leaf.

The advantage of the belt tray is that the treads always lie on the belts under their own weight, and the surface can be finely structured as well as freshly cemented, as it is not touched.

The modern charging head with belt tray consists of the following major components
  • Belt tray with variable moving stroke and driven belts
  • Automatic leaf fold down device with down holding elements
  • Belt tray lifting with spool system, for quick level adaption
  • Servo drives in combination with customers standard PLC


Automatic booking system with belt tray

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