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Folding Device


Automatic leaf folding device

During the loading operation the relevant leaf-fold-down device guarantees that the next leaf will not interfere. After loading, the suction cups touched to down-side of the leaf, receive vacuum and the suction cup mechanism tilts the leaf to approx. 30 degrees from horizontal.

In this position, the tilting is stopped and pneumatically operated hold-down elements move down until they reach the upper side of the leaf. At this point the suction cups are vented and turned off. Now the hold-down elements continue to tilt the leaf completely to its horizontal position.

On completion of the retract cycle, the belt tray picks up the next batch of waiting treads, and the next charging cycle can start. Instead of lifting the belt tray to next leaf level, the complete leaf truck will be lowered to the next leaf level.

Folding device ensures fast cycle times

Therefore the movement of the hold down, which pushes the leaf down, and the movement of the suction frame, which has opened the leaf for the hold down, is synchronised and saves cycle time.

With the new folding device the leaf folding process is one smooth movement, which ensures a faster folding.

Option - Leaf holding device

Leaf holding device
Leaf holding device for holding the penultimate leaf during the folding process into position.
The holding device keeps the penultimate leaf from falling down during the folding process if the springs of the leafs are in a bad condition and are not adjusted as they should be.


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Leaf folding device

Leaf folding device with down holders

Leaf holding device

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