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Automatic Tread Booking Systems

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Tread Booking System with a vacuum flipping station and an automatic leaf truck change - 1723

Automatic booker loading devices are well known and used in the tire industry for quality assurance of treads and tires as well as for rationalisation.
Systraplan, specialist for warehouse technique when it comes to flat materials, has a long history in building auto booking and handling systems for the tire industry.
This machine type has been further developed on basis of experience gained with a large number of machines.

Reduced machine downtime

Many details have been improved to ensure a better and faster maintenance or possibly repair in order to reduce machine downtime and to raise the reliability of the auto booking systems.
The Power Twist belts are used for transportation. These belts are non-welded and can be replaces easily and fast without using tools.

Improved quality

Tire quality depends on the correct transport and storage of the initial products.
It does not matter which booker type is used or whether the treads need to be flipped or not, however, what is important is the accurate and uniform depositing of the green treads, to guarantee a constant high quality.

Automatic Tread Booking Systems, which handle up to 30 treads per minute, are composed of the following major components:
  • Infeed roller conveyor with variable speed drive
  • Manual booking station for rejected treads
  • Vacuum flipping or lateral transfer station
  • Cross transfer conveyor system for charge collection and buffering
  • Lifting platform with belt tray for loading the leafs for the leaf trucks
  • Automatic leaf fold-down in combination with down holding elements
  • Automatic leaf truck conveyor system
  • Electrical control (Allen Bradley, Siemens)

Since SYSTRAPLAN was founded in 1974, the company has supplied more than 100 automatic and semi-automatic handling systems for Treads, Green and Finished Tyres.
All the systems contained the following special features:
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Increased Output
  • Reduction in Manpower


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Automatic booking system with belt tray

Tread booking system with batch turning unit

Double cross lateral transfer station

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