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Leaf Truck Transportation


Different systems for the leaf truck transportation

Leaf truck transportation with rails
The automatic leaf truck transportation differs in accordance with the amount of booker types. With the standard solution the leaf truck is driven by single sided vertical rubberised rollers. The truck is pressed against the driven rollers by means of spring loaded or pneumatic pressure applied rollers.

Many other solutions for the leaf truck transportations have been realised due to the different leaf trucks.

Continous production because of the automatic leaf truck change

As soon as all leaves are loaded that way and if the last (upper) leaf is folded down, the filled leaf truck is automatically lifted into feeding height and transported by the leaf truck conveyor to the exit position.

Simultaneously, an empty leaf truck that has been in standing-by position is now automatically being moved into the place for booking. Meanwhile, arriving treads have been accumulated and buffered on the belt conveyors.


Standard leaf truck transportation

Leaf truck exit
Leaf truck transport with E-Cart exit

E-Cart exit

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