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Manuel Booking

For a manuel loading of the leaf trucks and for removing rejects, a manuel handling station may be integrated upstream or downstream of the automatic booking system. 

In case the manuel handling station is to be integrated downstream of the automatic loading point, the treads are conveyed straight through. In principle, there a several options for the design of a manuel handling station.

Manual booking - Roller Conveyor

The simplest option would be a basic roller conveyor – on request with lateral positioned deposit tables – integrated into the material flow. In this case, the incoming treads are directly taken off the roller conveyor.

Manual booking - Angular Transfer Station

It should be provided that treads or rejects can be buffered by means of an angular transfer station with transverse belt conveyor. Depending on the length of the cross conveying line, a corresponding number of treads can be buffered.

Manual booking - Angular Transfer Station with Vacuum-Turner

In order to flip the treads, the angular transfer station of the manuel handling station may be equipped with a vacuum-turner.

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Manual Booking with a vacuum flipping device for flipping the treads upside down


Manuel booking roller conveyor

manual tread booking
Manuel booking cross conveyor

Manuel booking roller conveyor with vacuum flipping

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