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Robot folding device


Option: Robot-leaf-folding-device

Instead of two standard leaf folding devices, the system is equipped with a robot, having a suction tool that sucks in the open leaf truck to open the leaf. This robot is positioned in the center of the belt tray’s lifting frame and is lifted by means of the belt tray's lifting platform.

The robot sucks in the leaf from below and opens it wide enough to enable the pneumatically activated down-holder to hold the leaf from above. The robot’s suction cups are released and swivel out of the range of leaf truck’s side. The down-holder are then folding the leaf further down till it is in a complete horizontal position.

The robot-leaf-folding-device achieves the required faster cycle times just like the standard devices.

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Leaf Folding with a KUKA Robot - 1774

Harmonious motion, reduced downtimes

With this robot-leaf-folding-device the closing of the leaf truck side is a harmonic and smooth motion with the additional benefit that the system has less wear and low maintenance requirements. The used robot is resilient and requires little maintenance. Thus downtimes of the entire system can be reduced.

Various opening angles possible

The robot can handle leaf trucks with different opening angles. These leaf trucks can be processed in a row, there is no set-up needed. New types of leaf trucks can be easily integrated into the progress through a Teach-In function. The leafes of the leaf truck are loosened and opened in a safe and gentle way.

The benefits at a glance:
  • Use of a low-maintenance standard industrial robot,
  • Less wear, less maintenance, reduced downtimes,
  • Harmonic and smooth motion sequence,
  • Gentle handling of leaf truck leafs,
  • Reduced noise pollution when folding leafs,
  • Handling of leaf trucks with different opening angles possible,
  • New opening angles easy to program by Teach-In,

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