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Work - Off Handling for Treads

More and more companies realising the necessity to automat the handling of the treads which are rejected for rework. Systraplan has realised different solutions which are able to fully automat this handling. The solutions are always adapted to the needs of the customer.

Outward Transfer through Manual Removal

The solutions for a manual removal of treads as described before can also be used for collecting rejected treads. Whilst the system is operating in automatic mode a manual removal station that is already in place can also be used as a collecting and removal station for rejects. By this way the rejected treads are manually stacked on an extra board instead of being placed in the leaf truck.

But in order to guarantee an automatic outward transfer of the rejects whilst the “good” treads are manually removed additional equipment must be taken into consideration.

Solutions for the Rejects-Handling

The simplest option to realize this procedure is to convey the rejected treads by means of a slightly extended roller conveyor onwards and straight through a slot, integrated in the protective fence, where these then fall uncontrolled on a board.

Other solutions provide small stacks, formed of rejected treads. This allows the collection of more treads. Several solutions have been realized in the course of time. The cycle output needed and the spatial space on site are significant approaches to find the appropriate solution.

“Star”-Ejection“– Angular Transfer with Stack Formation

A simple rake-ejection-star that is integrated into a roller conveyor or an angular belt conveyor ejects the treads sideways, which takes place either directly on a board or on an INTRALOX®-conveyor for forming small stacks. Thus the piles are more or less formed in a controlled way, depending on the treads and speed of the system.

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Tread ejector for work - off with stack building on a INTRALOX conveyor and manual take off

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