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HPL Storage and Picking System


HPL storage and picking system for Russia

A first storage system for high pressure laminate has been sold to Russia. It shows, that also companies in Russia are interested in state to the art technology, despite of the low labour costs.

Material handling with a maximum on efficiency

Telescopic arms for the stacks
Only with a maximum on efficiency at the material handling and at the order and product process is it possible to control a customer-related production, the growing  variety but also the adherence to delivery dates, high delivery quality and short lead times.

High pressure laminates are used in various areas, i.e. for kitchen worktops, construction elements and installations in wet and humid rooms, etc… This are all products who are increasingly produced right to the customers order.

With the Systraplan storage system is it possible to single this high pressure laminates from stacks in order to build a commission at the rack serve carrier.

Gentle treatment of single sheets

RSC for picking laminat sheets
Because of the high value of the high pressure laminates is a gentle treatment of the single sheets important. Damages, which can not be eliminated with a manual handling, can be avoided with this full automatic system.

With the aid of a online connection is it possible to transfer the picking lists to the control of the rack serve carrier in order to ensure a man less operation of the storage system, which could also work at night.

Lifting platform which has two levels

The rack server carrier is equipped with one lifting platform which has two levels. For stack transportation has the rack serve carrier on the lower level three telescopic arms.

The upper level has telescopic arms with a suction frame for single board transportation. With this frame rainbow stacks can be build on the lower platform of the rack serve carrier.

RSC with a two level lifting
platform for commissioning
The in and out feed area is equipped with a chain conveyor on which the stacks can be placed or taken off with a fork lift truck.

[headline=2]Control and warehouse administration system[/headline]The data required, i. e. material or quantities needed, must be entered in the control unit either manually, by bar codes or network link.

The touch-screen-control of the system is carried out by a special developed storage program, which allows a “rainbow storage??? for each object to be stored.

Description of the warehouse administration system, which comes with the storage system...more >>


RSC for picking laminat sheets

Telescopic arms for the stacks

Lifting platform with two levels

Layout (please doubleclick)

[image_c=27,7#06,277]Lifting platform with two levels[/image]

Lifting platform at the highest point

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