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Advantages of a High Bay Storage System


Advantages of a full automatic SYSTRAPLAN storage system for boards

20 Reasons for a SYSTRAPLAN high bay storage system

  1. Men less operation of the Systraplan system. Nightshifts also possible.
  2. Full automatic in and outfeed of stacks and single boards. Rainbow stacks can be built or destacked.
  3. Year to year savings of labor and costs for the fork lift trucks.
  4. Use of the hall height, high storage density and instant availability.
  5. 10 years and more with min. maintenance costs. Little wear because of the driving on rails.
  6. Experienced system which has been built several times and which is working without problems at many places. Complete system including the warehouse administration out of one experienced Hand.
  7. The storage and conveyor system does cause no damages to the transported goods compared with forklifts.
  8. Retrieval based on the FIFO (first in – first out) method or optimized to the extent that it is not required anymore.
  9. Fast system, because there is no waste of time, the carrier is always using the optimal way and knows the nearest goods to pick.
  10. Fast system, because the system can work to both sides of the aisle without driving to the end of the aisle, changing the forks over to the other side and driving back into position.
  11. Fast because the system has access to each single board or stack without moving numerously other boards or stacks.
  12. Optimal use of the space because of the better height with the racks and because of the very tight and exact placed goods.
  13. The system is equipped with a modem to serve the program from Germany in case of problems.
  14. Very low energy consumption because of installed energy-back-feeding-modules
  15. The storage system can work independent, in case of a 2 level buffing stations for infeed and outfeed. No waiting time for the storage system and for the connected production machines.
  16. Usually the travelling and lifting motions are carried out simultaneously to minimize cycle times.
  17. A menu-guided control system is used to control and manage the rack storage system making it safe and easy for the operator to run the storage processes.
  18. Permanent stock control by the warehouse administration. Access true the network from the office without additional license. Flexible warehouse management software in combination with a PLC control system.
  19. Self supporting rack structure avoiding forces to existing workshop roofs and walls.
  20. Rack design is based on standard hot-rolled steel profiles.


Monorail rack serve carrier

Monorail rack serve carrier

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