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High-bay Warehouse for Stripe Board Material


High-bay warehouse for stripe board material in various dimensions and multiple depth storage

Storage and removal from storage of single boards, stacks or orders is performed via a chain conveyor incorporated in the carrier.

The suction frame is divided into four separately or jointly controlled segments and is suitable for multiple depth storage of the boards.

Orders for removal from storage can be compiled on the chain conveyor and transferred to the onsite cutting saw.

  • Careful handling of the conveyed material
  • Limited requirements in floor area by optimised use of available storage space
  • Increase in number of stacks by storage of several in a single rack compartment
  • Handling of single boards and stacks by an integrated rack conveyor
  • Use of several rack conveyors to increase capacity and efficiency
  • Combination of warehouse and order processing installations for increased efficiency 
Description of the warehouse administration system, which comes with the storage system...more >>


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