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PUBLICATION OF HK 03/2017: Today, part variation is one of the dominant topics in the furniture industry. The customer’s requirement to make distinctions and deliver faster are representing a challenge for the manufacturer’s internal logistics. This is because product components cannot be routinely managed between the individual processing steps due to their diversity. Sorting systems like the ones from SYSTRAPLAN are the key for optimum production processes.


Visit the LIGNA-fair and inform yourself about exciting trends and latest developments. SYSTRAPLAN presents itself with a new booth in hall 12, booth D84. Here you will find responses to pressing questions of material handling engineering and warehouse technology.


Increase in Quality through Automated Feeding of Tire Building Machines

The issue of tread handling has always been a delicate matter for the tread production. Apart from the physical stress, the focus is also on the quality of the manual handling. SYSTRAPLAN offers a technical advanced solution for the automated tread booking of leaf trucks at the end of the extrusion lines for many years. Automatic unloading of leaf trucks at tire building machines are yet often manually carried out by staff members. SYSTRAPLAN now has presented a gantry for an automated discharging of treads from the leaf trucks.

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Automatic Tread Booking for the Tire Industrie
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Overhead Storage for Cassette Trucks
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Sorting Warehouse
Increasing number of versions in combination with 1-piece production at the same time require an optimization of the material flow in the furniture industry to allow an even more efficient use of the processing machines and materials. The use of a compact sorting warehouse for the optimization of the material flow can play an important role. read more ...

High Bay Storage System at a price of a Area Storage
This concept is interesting for factories who have invested in area storage systems because of reasons of economy. With nearly the same price, the advantages of high bay storage systems are clearly convincing, if compared to area storage. read more ...

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