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Flexible Data Input and System Control


Flexible data input

The input of the dimensions and number of pieces for the according packing-strips is either carried out

  • by a keyboard, which is integrated in an operating panel with display, or
  • by an automatic stack-surveying unit, which is positioned at the stack-charging of the packing line, when using a squared timber machine which is integrated in a packaging line.
  • Alternative, an automatic data exchanged is possible.

System control

A system control makes sure that the butt joints between the strips are positioned in pre-determined  inner ranges of the square timber. This is achieved by accordingly cutting of the strips and ensures sharp-edged and complete squared timbers.

When cutting the strips remaining pieces emerge from this manufacturing process. 

These strips have a max. length of 80 mm. An always sufficient overlapping of the strips within the squared timber is guaranteed, and thus a high mechanic capacity is given.


Squared timber automat

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