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Squared Timber Automat


Demand orientated production of square timber and packing strips

Nowadays an efficient packaging also becomes more and more important when producing consignment-orientated.

With the aid of this square timber automat squared timber and packing-strips can be produced demand-orientated and accurate to dimension for the varying size of the packaging just in time.

Reasonable recycling of faulty remaining boards

Strips from remaining boards or boards with faulty surfaces, which have been developed during the production of chip boards, OSB or MDF boards, are joined together to square timber packing-strips.

These packing-strips have a length of 200 to 2.200 mm and a height of 13 mm (minimum thickness of board) up to 120 mm.

When working with the standard version the strips are manually put into a magazin and are transported from there to the square timber production.

Raw as well as coated boards can be processed

After the strips have been cut and/or grooved they are provided with hotmelt adhesive and are then put on top of each other by a pressing device up to a height of max. 120 mm.

Raw as well as coated boards (also mixed ones) can be manufactured.

Aggregate for grooving

The square timber machine has a device for cutting grooves into the square timber and/or packing-strips.

The steel or plastic strap then lies in this groove after the strapping.

The groove protects the band against damages during the transport of the stacks.

Layout solutions

Individual solutions are possible in case the square timber automat is positioned parallel or in a right angle to the packing line.


squared timber automat

Connection to a strapping machine with a gripping unit

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