Gantry systems for loading and stacking offer a simple and flexible way to effectively automate production lines and processes.

The systems are individually designed to meet the requirements of the customer. The possible applications for their use are numerous and range from general handling technology, in flexible production installations, in the packaging and logistics sector, to automatic press loading and unloading, to name but a few examples.


Quality improvements with the use of automated tread booking systems

Automatic tread booking devices from SYSTRAPLAN are well known and used in the tire industry for quality assurance of treads and tires as well as for rationalisation. SYSTRAPLAN , specialist for warehouse technique when it comes to flat materials, has a long history in building auto booking and handling systems for the tire industry.
The experience we have gained over the years in building this system in large quantities has been put into practice. Since its establishment in 1974, SYSTRAPLAN has delivered more than 100 automatic and semi-automatic handling systems for treads, green and finished tires. This machine type has been further developed on basis of experience gained with a large number of machines.

40 year
40 year tread booking systems
from SYSTRPLAN Herford

KUKA leaf folding device


Increase in Quality through Automated Feeding of Tire Building Machines

The issue of tread handling has always been a delicate matter for the tread production. Apart from the physical stress, the focus is also on the quality of the manual handling.
SYSTRAPLAN offers a technical advanced solution for the automated tread booking of leaf trucks at the end of the extrusion lines for many years. Automatic unloading of leaf trucks at tire building machines are yet often manually carried out by staff members. SYSTRAPLAN now has presented a gantry for an automated discharging of treads from the leaf trucks.


Gentle handling for green tires

Green Tyre loading and unloading systems are used for the careful handling and the continuous flow of spraying lines.

In the tire building area a green tire transport system is existing in order to collect the green tires from the TBM’s and handle the material flow through a spraying process.

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