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Virtual experience of proven technology

SYSTRAPLAN has presented material flow and storage technology at LIGNA using the latest 360-degree film technology.

LIGNA-Visitors got the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in a virtual world and view SYSTRAPLANs’ solutions from unknown perspectives.  read more...

SYSTRAPLAN storage system as heart of a modern production for timber building systems

Schötz (Switzerland) Here is the storage system of Systraplan placed in the middle of the production of the Renggli AG. Renggli is a well-known name in the Swiss construction industry and continues to be on the road to success. This is mainly possible due to the modern production facilities. "The key here is the intelligent and efficient material flow achieved by the SYSTRAPLAN storage system," reports René Maurer, member of the management board.  read more...

Perfectly sorted and automatically ready to be dispatched

Publication from the HOLZENTRALBLATT from 1.9.2017

The shipping of ready-made worktops at Westag & Getalit is organized by SYSTRAPLAN’s sorting system.

ck. The increasing diversity of parts in line with order-related batch size 1 production makes it necessary to optimize the material flow in the furniture and supplier industry. This especially applies for the last process station - the dispatch.  Only recently, Westag & Getalit had a sorting system in Wadersloh installed. This was manufactured by SYSTRAPLAN for optimum processes and maximum efficiency.  read more...

Tread Booking Systems have been established in the last 40 years

Faster extrusion speeds and requirements for higher accuracy encouraged the tire manufacturer to replace the manual loading by automatic tread booking systems. More and more booker loading systems have been installed to get a grip on the problems associated with manual loading.  read more...

Enthusiastic Visitors on the SYSTRAPLAN Stand

SYSTRAPLAN is more than satisfied with the result achieved at the LIGNA fair in Hanover and is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming fair in 2019. This year’s professional visitors were able to closely observe a sorting warehouse under operational conditions at our 160 square metres booth.  read more...

More performance thanks to intelligent sorting

PUBLICATION OF HK 03/2017: Today, part variation is one of the dominant topics in the furniture industry. The customer’s requirement to make distinctions and deliver faster are representing a challenge for the manufacturer’s internal logistics. This is because product components cannot be routinely managed between the individual processing steps due to their diversity. Sorting systems like the ones from SYSTRAPLAN are the key for optimum production processes.  read more...


Visit the LIGNA-fair and inform yourself about exciting trends and latest developments. SYSTRAPLAN presents itself with a new booth in hall 12, booth D84. Here you will find responses to pressing questions of material handling engineering and warehouse technology.

Increase in Quality through Automated Feeding of Tire Building Machines

The issue of tread handling has always been a delicate matter for the tread production. Apart from the physical stress, the focus is also on the quality of the manual handling. SYSTRAPLAN offers a technical advanced solution for the automated tread booking of leaf trucks at the end of the extrusion lines for many years. Automatic unloading of leaf trucks at tire building machines are yet often manually carried out by staff members. SYSTRAPLAN now has presented a gantry for an automated discharging of treads from the leaf trucks.  read more...

Storage for Cassett Trollies ensures savings in  Floor Space and internal Transport

SYSTRAPLAN has developed years ago area storage systems which are able to handle complete stacks with a surface portal. These systems have been adapted for the tire industry to buffer cassette trollies in the second level above the production. The full trollies can be buffered directly above the extrusion line. They will be retrieved "just in time" at the right spot for the next production step. This saves valuable floor space in production and internal manual transport between the steps.  read more...

New Area Storage System with Stack Transportation

The wide range of different doors is manufactured “just in time” today. For a successful implementation a leading door manufacture installed a line gantry and three area storage systems for an automatic picking of doors. SYSTRAPLAN introduced area storage systems with the capability to handle single boards and complete stacks already some years ago. The load suspension device for the stack transportation is integrated into the bridge and equipped with a specific clamp systems for a reliable singling of the different variants of doors.  read more...

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