Material flow and storage systems with high efficiency

An important objective of material management is to make related corpuses, fronts and top boards available just in time and in the right quantity.

At the same time, the storage and conveyor systems must not cause any damage to the transported goods.


[headline=2] A modern storage and distribution centre for wood-based panels improves the service offered to customers and suppliers. Even faster order processing, highest possible availability and especially the highest quality assurance in goods handling and delivery are the most important goals. SYSTRAPLAN has developed standard concepts for this purpose, which only needs to be adapted to the corresponding customer requirements.


Feeding and stacking system, storage and sorting systems, cost reducing and quality increasing

The focus of systems for the tire industry is on the automation of feeding and stacking, storage and retrievel as well as sorting, e.g. automatic tread booking systems, tread loading on tire building machines, area storage and retrievel systems for cassettes or tire sorting.


Proven standard concepts for many applications

To be successful in the wood-based products industry, it is increasingly important to react quickly to special customer requirements, such as special formats, special surfaces, etc. Therefore, new, flexible concepts for storage, sorting and order picking have to be developed on the part of material flow technology.

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Special solutions

The systems for this sheet metal and plastic sheet industry must above all be able to separate thin sheets from a stack. With 0.8 mm thin sheets, this process requires considerable know-how. Systems capable of doing this have been delivered many times and are running successfully at our customers.


Increased productivity through automatic storage and retrieval systems

Systraplan could also convince abroad with its automatic storage and retrieval system for handling natural stones. Not only in the Netherlands and Ireland, but also in Lakewood, USA, an automated warehouse for granite slabs has been put into operation. The automated warehouse not only connects the operational processing machines such as saws, edge polishing and CNC processing machines but also contributes to a high efficiency compared to conventional order picking solutions.


Automatic handling and order picking

In the rough production environment of the building board industry, the highest demands are put on transport and handling systems. The systems must be robust, wear-resistant and fail-safe. Companies that want to be successful not only have to produce faster and more flexibly, they also have to - and this is particularly important - work more economically. The market demands top quality and just-in-time deliveries.

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