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Gantry Systems, Feeding and Stacking Systems

Feeding and stacking devices can be individually and flexibly utilized by application of a variety of load carrying and guiding system.

To assure precise vertical motion we use calumn and scissor systems.

Load carring devices or pick-up heads are specifically designed for the intended product. Vacuum, mechanical clamping and magnetic heads are mainly used.

Auxiliary equipment can be integrated, for example:
  • Transfer and flipping devices for boards and stacks.
  • Palette storage devices for Euro and special pallets.
  • Separating and feeding devices for hard interleaving layers.
  • Film feeding devices and packaging stations.
  • Finishing and reworking stations.

With know how and competence we have made a name for the handling of board material in Germany, Europe and overseas.

  • Acoustic panels
  • Insulation panels
  • Cement and mineral libreboards
  • Gypsum cardboards and gypsum fibreboards (dry-wall panel)
  • Wall, ceiling and floor boards
  • Sandwich elements, foamed PU, etc.

As a competitive and flexible company we are swiftly responding to specific customer demands.



Simple gantry system

Crane carriage for kitchen worktops

Gantry for 20 m long sandwich elements

Feeding system for 20 m long sandwich elements

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