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Area Storage Systems


Storage for Cassett Trollies ensures savings in  Floor Space and internal Transport

SYSTRAPLAN has developed years ago area storage systems which are able to handle complete stacks with a surface portal. These systems have been adapted for the tire industry to buffer cassette trollies in the second level above the production. The full trollies can be buffered directly above the extrusion line. They will be retrieved "just in time" at the right spot for the next production step. This saves valuable floor space in production and internal manual transport between the steps. read more...

New Area Storage System with Stack Transportation

The wide range of different doors is manufactured “just in time” today. For a successful implementation a leading door manufacture installed a line gantry and three area storage systems for an automatic picking of doors. SYSTRAPLAN introduced area storage systems with the capability to handle single boards and complete stacks already some years ago. The load suspension device for the stack transportation is integrated into the bridge and equipped with a specific clamp systems for a reliable singling of the different variants of doors. read more...


Multiple selection of load carriers:

  • vacuum or magnets
  • pneumatically or motor-driven gripping- or clamping systems
  • picking devices for tires
  • can be adapted according to the requirements of the materials to be stored.

The stock management can be designed according to the specific requirement, and also can be integrated into the production control.

Fast access, because:

  • the system knows where what was stored at any time.
  • the system chooses the shortest way to move the material in and out.
  • while the system operates you can already enter or transfer the next task.

Thus no time is lost in the production line.
A continuous flow is guaranteed.

Unmenned operation of the storage-system lowers the high current personnel costs.

Full integration of the storage system into the production is possible. Jobs can be transferred online and the exact inventory is available at any time.

No damage thanks to automatic handling.

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