Comprehensive solutions for tire handling, sorting and storage systems

Systraplan is well known for its high bay and area storage systems in the board industry. Now we also are offering our experience in this area to the tire industry.

On the end of the tire production is it necessary to arrange the finished tires. Systraplan has developed a fully automatic solution for sorting, buffering and storing tires. 

Specially designed picking devices, which are running on gantries, are handling the tires most carefully and safe

The picking devices can also be used for handling applications between the tire building and curing process as well as for palletizing and picking for commissioning in a distribution center.
Video download: Tire Sorting System

A technical design which makes the difference 

  • Most careful and safe tire handling

    Specially designed picking devices, which are running on gantries, are handling the tires most carefully and safe. The design of the picking devices is always custom orientated. The tires are be picked up by squeezing them from the inner bead.
  • Adaptation to different product sizes

    The picking device is a steel structure with pneumatically controlled gripping arms with discs which are gripping the tire from the inner bead. The gripping force automatically adjusts to the tire type and the weight of load handled.
  • Stacks of tires can be handled

    Stacks of tires can be handled in one movement. The picking device has a stack height-measuring sensor which ensures accurate and space-efficient handling.
  • Features of the system:

    • Fast, safe and accurate handling of tires
    • Automatic, error-free handling of all kind of tires, adaptation to different product sizes and types are possible
    • The tires are placed on the floor of the storage by stacking them and by using the best possible way.
    • Stacking on roller conveyors in connection with a cross carrier, in order to make the system even faster
    • Warehouse administration system which provides real-time storage inventories, data tracking throughout the system and communication with the existing PPS system
    • A dynamic handling of the storage places by the warehouse administration system

  • Centering of tires before picking

    The tires are arriving from the upstream tire conveyor on one of the line gantries for sorting. Before the tire is picked it is centered by a centering device.

  • Several picking devices working in one line

    For a careful tire handling the line gantry picks the tire from the centre with a special eccentric picking device. Depending on the performance, several picking devices are working in one line with a takeover places in between. In case of one pickup device should fail to work correctly, the second system is able to operate the complete line.
  • The control system automatically chooses the places

    After picking the tire, the gantry moves to a determined place and places the tire on top of a roller conveyor or an already existing stack of tires. The storage and control system are automatically choosing the places.
  • Dynamic warehouse administration

    The software for the storage control consists of following features for a dynamic storage. With a dynamic storage each storage place contains only the same material. However, each storage place is not allocated to a specific material but to a material group. Such a material group can consist of several kind of material with different characteristics.
  • Efficient use of storage space

    The first material placed in such a storage place determines the material for this specific storage place. After complete clearance of the storage place, the system is able to store then a different material, belonging to the same material group, in this storage place. Dynamic storage is mainly used for material often needed, which is handled in different quantities, when there is not enough storage capacity to allocate fixed places.
  • Stack height will be maintained

    The information about the places and classifications as well as the height will be maintained by the storage control system. If the stack is reaching a certain height, a shuttle is forwarding the stacks to an outfeed conveyor system. 

Horizontal storage systems for the tire industry

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