Melamine Paper High Bay Storage

Automatic Melamine Paper Pallet Warehouse Ensures a Contineous Production on the Presses

A SYSTRAPLAN high-bay warehouse for melamine paper pallets with a great number of different decors provides the just-in-time supply of melamine paper for the new and the already existing short-cycle press lines.
Until now there was a block warehouse from which the short-cycle press lines were provided with coating materials through forklifts.
The ever-increasing variety of decors leads to an increasingly stock of pallets with melamine papers. Smaller batch sizes on the short-cycle press lines additionally require a more frequent change of décor.
In view of the higher performance of the short-cycle press line this previous form was no longer cost-effective working.

High bay and order-picking storage for full and half format panels

Order picking of different panel materials and dimensions directly on the rack serve carrier

Short processing times with an ever-increasing range of products and services with growing quantities required an economical solution for panel picking. With a courageous investment in a modern storage and distribution centre for wood-based panels, the service offer for customers and suppliers is improved.

High bay and order-picking storage for kitchen worktops and strip material

Multiple deep storage with single panel access

Through the intelligent combination of lifting platform (access to a single panel) and stacking platform (transport of entire stacks), SYSTRAPLAN's storage and retrieval solutions offer optimal characteristics for effective and space-saving storage.

The pick-up devices are specially prepared and designed for a wide range of worktop dimensions. The design of the racking system allows flexible use of the rack, so that any size of panel can be stored in all compartments. In order to achieve the highest possible degree of filling or a gap-free occupancy density, the storage and retrieval rack serve carriers place the strip material up to three times deep. In spite of the triple-deep storage, individual boards can be easily picked from the rear stacks.


Sorting System Westag
Sorting system for kitchen worktops, Westag & Getalit AG in Gütersloh

Melamine Paper storage
Melamine Paper High Bay Storage, IKEA Industry Novgorod

Stack turnover & panel turning devices

Turning large and heavy stacks, boards or packages

It is used for the most different reasons. Production processes make it necessary to turn the material. Therefore the material is collected and turned as a stack before it is fed back into production. This is often the easier option than turning each individual part separately. For large dimensions or weights, the turning of individual parts is preferable.