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The Wood and Board Industry


Proven standard concepts for a variety of applications

To be successful in the board industry, responding swiftly to specific customer demands (such as varying sizes or finishes) is a matter of increasing importance.

For the material handling industry this means that new, flexible concepts need to be created.

SYSTRAPLAN has been developing standard concepts. These standard concepts are then adapted to customer requirements.

Also individual machines, some of which are manufactured in small series, are part of the SYSTRAPLAN product range.

High bay storage systems

Automatic Melamine Paper Pallet Warehouse Ensures a Contineous Production on the Presses

A SYSTRAPLAN high-bay warehouse for melamine paper pallets with a great number of different decors provides the just-in-time supply of melamine paper for the new and the already existing short-cycle press lines. read more...

Sorting systems

Edge cleaning machine
Removing excess paper or foil from coreboard. more >>>

Edge cleaning machine

Stack Turning Device
Automatic transfer of boards stacks onto delivery pallets by means of stack turners. Stacks are transported into the machine, held by grippers and turned through 180 degrees. more >>>

Stack turner

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