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Kitchen Worktop Storage


Fast Commissioning Storage for Kitchen Worktops

The Austrian Kaindl Holzindustrie KG in Wals/Salzburg established a number of specifications in order to meet their requirements for a new commissioning storage system. Reliability, flexibility, safety and economy are attributes companies have to compete with when it comes to transport and logistics. Systraplan, specialist for warehouse technique when it comes to flat materials, received an order to realize such requirements.

Kaindl offers a unique service to their customers and partners: More than 500 readily selling articles with meaningful accessories will be permanently stored in Kaindls‘ mega-store, the new storage and logistic centre.

Within two years five overground and two underground warehouses, one overground and  one underground loading platform each as well as a new lorry traffic guiding system have been erected in an area of 35.000 m².

Shortening of delivery times

Delivery times are reduced by more than 50% through an ingenious logistic system. A commissioning storage system for kitchen worktops has now been taken into operation as a further component of this system.

A 17 m high rack serve carrier operates a 78 m long lane with 1.600 storage places where up to 30.000 kitchen worktops can be stored. Parcels as well as single boards are moved by this rack serve carrier, which was developed by Systraplan,

Direct Commissioning on the Rack Serve Carrier

Single boards are directly commissioned on the rack serve carrier. Therefore an additional area for commissioning goods is not necessary. Residual amounts just remain in stock. This saves time, space, energy and additional transport units to commissioned goods. Complete board packages are taken over and coordinated into a depot by the rack serve carrier. The maximum stack weight can achieve 4 tons. Later telescopic suction arms pick up single boards from the stack in order to commission the orders.

Highest Efficiency with two Independent working Lifting Platforms

Consigning directly on the rack serve carrier with two separate working lifting platforms allows efficiencies  which cannot be achieved with standard systems.
In combination with the latest  technique the system aims for highest efficiency. Both platforms have individual lifting drives and load lifting members, which can extend to both sides of the aisle. Even the separate working lifting platforms yield to a 20 % increased output in comparison to conventional systems. Moving speeds of 200 m/min and telescopic speeds of up to 60 m/min guarantee highest performances when commissioning.

Despite Multiple Storage Single Boards can be Reached

The load lifting members are prepared and mounted for the handling of different board sizes.
Dimensions of length vary from 2.800 mm to 5.600 mm, of width 600 mm, 900 mm and 1.200 mm.
The erection of the shelf system  allows a flexible using. Thus all board sizes can be stored in every shelf. The storage control automatically places the depots.  The rack serve carrier stores the long goods up to a threefold depth in order to gain a most possible filling of the storage or a complete occupation. Despite storing in threefold depth single boards can be commissioned without any problems from stacks positioned behind.

Damage-free Handling of Kitchen Work Tops

One of the most important advantages is the damage-free handling of the wooden material. The sensitive boards, part-wise wrapped in foil, are appropriately  prepared for the resell in the shortest possible time, whilst the automatic working rack serve carrier is continuously working. The system can arrange a commission of 10 optionally chosen boards within five minutes.

Total Inventory Control

Systraplans’ storage and control program can be operated under the Microsoft operating system Windows NT® / Windows 2000 / XP. The program code was generated with the 32-bit Delphi  development kit. This guarantees that today’s and tomorrows requirements will be met also in future in respect of system design, flexibility and links to standard systems and standard software.

State of the Art Graphical Screen Interface

The application has a state of the art graphical screen interface. The user screens are clear, application orientated and easy to use – either by keyboard or by mouse. All information are stored in a standard database.

Description of the warehouse administration system, which comes with the storage system...more >>

Worktop warehouse for the kitchen furniture industry

Rapid storage of stacks with telescopic forks via infeed chain conveyor system.
Removal from storage of single boards by a vacuum system and stacks by telescopic forks. The single worktops are placed on conveyors running inside the rail system in order to increase the rate of removal from storage and form buffers.The cutting lines are loaded by a vacuum transporter; repid shoot function is guaranteed.

  • Operation by screen control or online network connection
  • Clear sort and/or rainbow warehouse
  • Management of minimum quantities, triggering of ordering processes
  • Removal from storage according to the FIFO principle
  • Rapid shoot function to bring forward urgent operations
  • High level of available by data security design and remote diagnostics system


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