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Squared Timber Feeding System


Feeding device for the square timber machine

The production of square timber and packing-strips can be further automated by extending the system with a feeding device. Thus the regular, manual placing of the strips can omit.

A fork lift truck places a package of strips on the brackets of a feeding-table.

Then bars between the brackets are pushing the stack up to the limit stop, where the first row of the strips then is taken over by a separating unit. The stack of strips is then placed on the conveyor of the squared timber machine.

A longitudinal slide then conveys the row of strips up to a mechanical stopper. From there each strip, starting from the bottom one, is single transported up to the squared timber production.

Strip saw for the strip production

Instead of using a feeding device the strips can also be directly made of board material by using a strip saw.


Gripping unit for squared timber

Feeding device for strips

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