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High Bay Storage and Picking Systems


VOLKSLAGER – High Bay Storage System and Compact Sorting Warehouse – Efficiency Enhancement by Material Flow Optimisation

Increasing variant diversity with simultaneously order-related batch size-1-production requires a particular  focus on the optimisation of the material flow. Another efficiency enhancement of the processing machines that in most cases are working at their limits can only be gained by optimisation of the material flow. On this basis, a high bay storage system with automatic panel picking as well as a sorting warehouse for intermediate buffering of individual components were integrated into the overall project. read more...

Automatic Melamine Paper Pallet Warehouse Ensures a Contineous Production on the Presses

A SYSTRAPLAN high-bay warehouse for melamine paper pallets with a great number of different decors provides the just-in-time supply of melamine paper for the new and the already existing short-cycle press lines. read more...

LEEUWERIK invested in a fully automated picking system for wood-based panels

Automatic Picking of Panels in a High Bay Storage Warehouse
LEEUWERIK from Eindhoven in the Netherlands is a wholesaler and importer of  constructive and decorative wood materials with head office in Eindhoven and branches in Hoevelaken and Drachten. The company can look back on more than 100 years of succesful history andhas specialized in a wide variety of panel materials. Thanks to decades of experience Leeuwerik puts effort in being able to offer customers the best possible service. read more...

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