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Picking System for a Board Saler


High bay storage and picking system

Carl Götz GmbH in Neu-Ulm, one of Germanys‘ leading specialist dealer for wood with branches throughout Germany, instructed SYSTRAPLAN, to construct a storage and distribution centre for  derived timber products.

automatic panel picking system
Outfeed zone
A speedy stock turnover and large amounts of goods at a high assortment range and a good economic efficiency – Carl Götz wants to meet these sometimes  contrary requirements with a powerful storage logistic.

Carl Götz has been partner to the wood industry and woodcraft for more than 50 years. Among their customers are joiners, carpenters, the wood specialized trade, the building trade for wood and ready-built houses, the building sector, packaging industry and vehicle construction. This leads to a complex and wide range assortment of goods. More than 400 staff members are working at Carl Götz at present.

fast order processing highest possible availability

This courageous investment in a modern storage and distribution centre for derived timber boards will offer a better service to customers and suppliers. With this investment the company aims at an even faster order processing, highest possible availability and particularly highest quality assurance when it comes to stock turnover and dispatch.

automatic panel picking storage board storage
In- and outfeed conveyors
In order to achieve these aims a storage and distribution centre went into operation at the location in Neu-Ulm. This centre has 3,000 – 9,000 storage cells (depending on the size of the boards)

Two 24 m high fully automatic high bay storage system operate two long lanes, each. Supported by two cross cars the high bay storage systems can change the lanes.

In order to realize the required flexibility and performance each lane has its own area for storing and releasing from stock.

The goods are then route-optimised and delivered to the customer by truck.

direct commissioning on the high bay storage system

With this high bay storage system, which was developed by Systraplan , stacks as well as single boards are moved.

Among the transport of stacks and single boards the commissioning is directly proceeded in the high bay storage system.

Therefore, an additional area for commissioning is not necessary. Remaining quantities simply stay in stock. This saves time, space, energy and extra appropriation for commissioning.

With a total length of 140 m and a width of 40 m – this is equal to a floor space of 5,600 m² - the warehouse has a capacity of approx. 300,000 boards.

variable Handling of Extreme Different Loads

The technique is impressive. Whole board-stacks are taken over and are assigned to a storing place by the high bay storage system .

Later the telescopic-suction arms remove single boards from the stack for order commissioning.

Outfeeding with several levels
The load suspension means are prepared and constructed for boards with most different dimensions.

The dimensions vary from 2,800 mm to 5,800 mm in length and 400 mm to 2,500 in width. The high bay storage systems must be able to store stripe materials multiply deep in order to achieve a most possible high filling ratio or complete occupancy.
The maximum stack weight can achieve up to 5 tons.

derived timber products are handled damage-free

One of the most important advantages is the damage-free handling of the derived timber products. Within short time the sensitive boards are appropriately prepared for the resale.

By doing so the automatic high bay storage system operates continuously at a comparatively high speed.
It just takes a quarter of an hour to build a consignment of 15 different boards.

two independently control-lable lifting platforms – over 20% higher output

In comparison to conventional high bay storage systems this system works with two lifting platforms which can be controlled independently. Each platform is equipped with own lifting drives and load suspension devices, which can work to both sides of the aisle.

Due to the independent working from each other over 20 % higher output in comparison to conventional systems can be achieved.

direct connection to PPS - system

The electronic data processing control ensures fastest feeding and discharging, which facilitates the  batch-, package- and piece-wise distribution.

All goods movement data are adjusted just in time by a direct linking of the full automatic high bay storage system with the merchandise management system. Hence, the sales team can always revert to an up-dated asset of boards provided by an easy and interference-proof operating mode.

stock-status always available

Systraplans’ storage and control program can be operated under the Microsoft operating system Windows NT® / Windows 2000 / XP. The program code was generated with the 32-bit Delphi  development kit. This guarantees that today’s and tomorrows requirements will be met also in future in respect of system design, flexibility and links to standard systems and standard software.

state of the art graphical screen interface

The application has a state of the art graphical screen interface. The user screens are clear, application orientated and easy to use – either by keyboard or by mouse. All information are stored in a standard database. You will find further information about this new building on the homepage of Carl Götz:

Description of the warehouse administration system, which comes with the storage system...more >>

Warehouse scheme for a large board saler

High-bay warehouse system for stacks, in combination with an efficient order processing installation, optimised in stack distance.

Stacks of different lenghts and widths are stored in the rack system.

The stack movements are executed by two or more telescopic forks dependent on the stack length.

According to board width, one, two or three stacks are laid one behind the other in a single storage compartment.

Warehouse capacity is regularly optimised via a software module, i.e. the stacks are stored at minimal distance longitudinally.

The requisite warehouse rearrangement operations are performed during the night shift.

  1. Transport trolley
  2. Order processing area
  3. Rack serve carrier
  4. Vacuum transporter
  5. Switching cabinet with operating terminal
  6. Deposit of stacks




Rack serve carrier during the installation

automatic panel picking system
In- and Outfeed stations

Rack serve carrier with cross transfer cart

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