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Questionnairs for Basic Data


Here you have the opportunity to download a questionary for the basic data, which are necessary for a quotation.

Please fill in the questionnaire as far as possible and send them back to us. A layout of the factory and a cross section of the building with some dimensions and the available floor space would be very helpful for planning.

Storage Systems in General

With this list, you are right when it comes to storage technology. Whether surface storage systems or high-bay warehouses, order picking of parts and / or batch transport. With the developed Systraplan storage systems both, stacks and single panels are moved.
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VOLKSLAGER Panel Storage System

This concept is interesting for factories who have invested in area storage systems because of reasons of economy. With nearly the same price, the advantages of high bay storage systems are clearly convincing, if compared to area storage.
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Sorting Systems

Increasing number of versions in combination with 1-piece production at the same time require an optimization of the material flow in the furniture industry to allow an even more efficient use of the processing machines and materials.

Automatic Tread Booking Systems

Automatic booker loading devices are well known and used in the tire industry for quality assurance of treads and tires as well as for rationalisation.
Tire quality depends on the correct transport and storage of the initial products.

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