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To prepare the order, 45 seconds per boards should be allowed. Placing the order by fax or phone is therefore recommended in order to have it ready when the customer arrives and to avoid waiting times.

When working with boards storage systems in the trade, a typical procedure woulds be as follows:
  1. Customers state their board requirement.
  2. A salesperson will check the availability of the requested material by checking the current stock.
  3. Next, a delivery note with a serial number is printed and given to the customer.
  4. Simultaneously, the requested commission is transmitted to the store management computer through the data network.
  5. The delivery note in hand. customers walk to the warehouse in which their order is being prepared.
  6. Customers walk to the delivery spot and receive their goods.
  7. The delivery is confirmed using a bar code.

SYSTRAPLAN has been developing standard concepts. These standard concepts are then adapted to customer requirements. 

High bay storage systems

Reasonable High Bay Rack for Board Picking

VOLKSLAGER with stack transport
As exhibitor, SYSTRAPLAN will present its Volkslager to the industry profesionals at the trade show LIGNA in Hanover, the world’s most important fair for the wood-working industry. This high-bay storage concept is particularly interesting for businesses which have so far invested in a plane storage system on grounds of costs. The benefits of a high-bay system compared to a plane storage system will clearly persuade at virtually the same price. read more...

LEEUWERIK invested in a fully automated picking system for wood-based panels

Automatic Picking of Panels in a High Bay Storage Warehouse
LEEUWERIK from Eindhoven in the Netherlands is a wholesaler and importer of  constructive and decorative wood materials with head office in Eindhoven and branches in Hoevelaken and Drachten. The company can look back on more than 100 years of succesful history andhas specialized in a wide variety of panel materials. Thanks to decades of experience Leeuwerik puts effort in being able to offer customers the best possible service. read more...

Area Storage

Individual and flexible area storage systems

Systraplan offers an individual area storage systems, which are designed for the handling of single boards as well as for stack transportation. The systems are flexible in regards to the board and stack dimensions and will be designed according to the demands of the customers. read more ...

High bay storage system at a price of a area storage
A cost-effective solution for industry and smale trade customers.
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Automatic high bay storage system for wood based panels
Leeuwerik automatic panel storage system goes into operation.
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Fully automatic high-bay storage for wood based boards of various kinds in the timber trade industry; more >>>

High bay storage system with two lifting platforms

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