High bay and order picking storage for the timber trade

Order picking of different panel materials and dimensions directly on the rack serve carrier

Short processing times with an ever-increasing range of products and services with growing quantities required an economical solution for panel picking. With a courageous investment in a modern storage and distribution centre for wood-based panels, the service offer for customers and suppliers is improved.

An even faster order processing, highest possible availability and especially the highest quality assurance in product handling and delivery are the most important goals that the timber trade is pursuing with such an investment.

It requires a lot of experience to automatically and safely separate the different panel materials and panel dimensions in the high-bay warehouse. But only with this concept the possibility to achieve the required performance is opened up.


Fully automated picking system for wood-based panels

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In Berlin they place great emphasis on scratch-free coatings

Horizontal Storage for Order Picking and Feeding of Panel Saws

Panel sizing service with the aid of an automatic warehousing and feeding system from SYSTRAPLAN

HORATEC in East-Westphalian Hövelhof sees itself as a service provider for the woodworking trade and supplies carpenters and cabinetmakers with customized furniture parts from a batch size of one.

Two panel sizing saws have been combined with a high bay panel storage facility and an automatic gantry feeding system via a master computer and effective software to form a highly efficient and intelligent manufacturing unit. A concept that is proving highly successful.


High Bay Storage or Horizontal Storage

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