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Feeding of a panel saw


Individual and flexible area storage systems

Systraplan offers an individual area storage systems, which are designed for the handling of single boards as well as for stack transportation. The systems are flexible in regards to the board and stack dimensions and will be designed according to the demands of the customers.

Lifting device with suction frame

Man less storage operation

The full automatic warehouse ensures low personnel costs. Quick access avoids waiting times at the production and a continuous work flow is created.

High storage capacity

The concepts of the area storage systems stands for there high storage capacity. Almost the complete storage area can be used for storing panel stacks up to 2 m height, only with small gaps in between the stacks. The storage system is able to feed automatically production machines, i. e. panel saws or CNC work centres. It can be used to buffer in between the production steps of simply as pure storage and consignment storage system.

Scissor lifting device with suction frame

Direct feeding of panel saws

The area storage system has can also be used for feeding a in the storage system integrated panel saw. In combination with a optional turning device on the suction frame is it possible to turn the board before feeding. The time while the saw is sawing will be used for building new consignments or for feeding new material into the storage.

Flexible applicable

The area storage systems features high versatility in size and stack height, ensuring high flexibility. The flexibility which enables the customer to master the most varied tasks with the most varied requirements. The load carriers will be designed according to the different materials. A large variety of board materials can be stored and single boards can be picked and feed out, i. e. :
  • HPL faced kitchen worktops, KWT (with drip nose)
  • High presse laminate ( 0,8 mm HPL )
  • Melamine faced derived timber products, 19 mm strips for fronts,
  • Solid wood worktops,
  • Self faced materials (with overhanging facing material) , only stacks with same dimensions
  • veneered board row (with overhanging veneer)
  • row boards (derived timber products i. e. particle and MDF without facing)
  • high pressure fibre board (usually 3 mm) one side smooth or faced and the other wire side
  • boards out of plastic materials
  • wrapped boards (with plastic wrapped or with a protection film covered surfaces)
  • high gloss faced products

Storing in a manner which cares for the material and improves the product quality

One of the most important advantages is the damage-free handling of the derived products. By doing so the automatic storage system operates continuously at a comparatively high speed.

Robust execution which suits industrial needs

Warp resistance steel construction, optional servo drive technique (incl. energy recovery modules), laser measuring systems for the bridge positioning etc. are the basics for a reliable and up to date execution of the system.   

Fast access

The warehouse administration system will be designed according to the specific requirement, and also can be integrated into the production control.

  • the system knows where what was stored at any time.
  • the system chooses the shortest way to move the material in and out.
  • while the system operates you can already enter or transfer the next task.

Thus no time is lost in the production line. A continuous flow is guaranteed

Siemens S7 PLC control system

The basic for the control system is a Siemens S7 PLC in addition with a PLC warehouse administration system, which will be operated via the Siemens operator panel. For a detailed description of the PLC – Warehouse administration system please click here ...more >>

Optional PC warehouse administration with connection to the saw

Moreover, the customer can choose a PC-controlled warehouse management system, enabling him to establish a connection to superior control units.
A continues flow of information between saw and there optimisation program and the warehouse administration will be established.
The software features additional individual options for extensions, i. e. for the managing off cut offs. These can be stored inside of the automatic storage system or outside in a manual cut off storage.
A connection of the storage to the overhead control system is possible. The jobs can be send online. The inventory is always up to date available.

For a detailed description of the PC – Warehouse administration software, please click here ...more >>

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Area storage Panorama Picture

Area storage bridge with suction frame and scissore lifting device

Suction frame with turning device

Area storage in feed place

Feeding directly onto a panel saw

Out feed roller conveyor for feeding a panel saw with a integrated lifting table

Operator Panel

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