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Material flow and storage systems with high efficiency

An important objective of material management is to make related corpusses, fronts and top boards available just in time and in the right quantitiy.

At the same time, the storage and conveyor systems must not cause any damage to the transported goods.

The FIFO method should also be observed. Last but nor least, building-relates aspects or specific customers requests, e.g. intermediate boards, need to be taken into consideration.

SYSTRAPLAN storage systems combine all these requirements with a high degree of economic efficiency.

During the day, the storage and retrievial units feed the production, at night, panel stacks that were delivered during the day are stored according to specific criteria (travel/time optimisation) and new commissions are formed as required.

Next morning, the finished commissions are ready and in place for further processing.

To increase pick-up capacity, the rotating vacuum system is designed to take four boards.

SYSTRAPLAN has been developing standard concepts. These standard concepts are then adapted to customer requirements.

High bay storage systems

Reasonable High Bay Rack for Board Picking

VOLKSLAGER with stack transport
As exhibitor, SYSTRAPLAN will present its Volkslager to the industry profesionals at the trade show LIGNA in Hanover, the world’s most important fair for the wood-working industry. This high-bay storage concept is particularly interesting for businesses which have so far invested in a plane storage system on grounds of costs. The benefits of a high-bay system compared to a plane storage system will clearly persuade at virtually the same price. read more...

VOLKSLAGER – High Bay Storage System and Compact Sorting Warehouse – Efficiency Enhancement by Material Flow Optimisation

Increasing variant diversity with simultaneously order-related batch size-1-production requires a particular  focus on the optimisation of the material flow. Another efficiency enhancement of the processing machines that in most cases are working at their limits can only be gained by optimisation of the material flow. On this basis, a high bay storage system with automatic panel picking as well as a sorting warehouse for intermediate buffering of individual components were integrated into the overall project. read more...

Sorting systems

More performance thanks to intelligent sorting

PUBLICATION OF HK 03/2017: Today, part variation is one of the dominant topics in the furniture industry. The customer’s requirement to make distinctions and deliver faster are representing a challenge for the manufacturer’s internal logistics. This is because product components cannot be routinely managed between the individual processing steps due to their diversity. Sorting systems like the ones from SYSTRAPLAN are the key for optimum production processes. read more...

Compact sorting warehouse buffer

NOLTE -  Kitchens optimzes the material flow of the kitchen worktop production

Compact Sorting Warehous – Improving Efficiency by Optimization of the Material Flow
Increasing number of versions in combination with 1-piece production at the same time require an optimization of the material flow in the furniture industry to allow an even more efficient use of the processing machines and materials. The use of a sorting warehouse for the optimization of the material flow can play an important role. read more...

Area storage systems

New Area Storage System with Stack Transportation

The wide range of different doors is manufactured “just in time” today. For a successful implementation a leading door manufacture installed a line gantry and three area storage systems for an automatic picking of doors. SYSTRAPLAN introduced area storage systems with the capability to handle single boards and complete stacks already some years ago. The load suspension device for the stack transportation is integrated into the bridge and equipped with a specific clamp systems for a reliable singling of the different variants of doors. read more...

Areas storage with stack transport
for feeding directly to a drilling line in the picking sequence by production plan. The system is able to get complete stacks into the storage. more >>>

Area storage systems with stack transportation

Automatic Panel Storage
Rack serve carrier with stack transportation and single board transportation for automatically commissioning full and half sized board. more >>>

Rack serve carrier

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