Flächenlager mit kombiniertem Einzelplatten- und Stapeltransport

Systraplan develops a new area storage system, which is able to transport single boards as well as complete stacks with the same crane.
This system is ideal for small to medium amounts of flat materials, which must be readily available directly at the machine. Board stack will be moved with one cycle. High versatility in size and stack height, ensuring high flexibility.

Area storage with separate stack lifting cage

Area storage with integrated stack lifting cage

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A technical design which makes the difference

  • Stationary or separate stack lifting cage

    The separate stack lifting cage stands on a fix parking position and is automatically connected with the suction and lifting frame for every single stack transport. This is a pure mechanical connexion method  that is pneumatically locked. Alternatively a stack lifting cage, that is permanently integrated  with the girder bridge of the area storage system, can be operated. For the stack transport the suction frame,  that is integrated with the lifting cage, is lifted.
  • Sicherer Stapeltransport - kein Verrutschen der Platten

    For storage processes required, the stack lifting cage is put over the stack. Transport fingers swivel beneath the stack and pick up the stack’s weight  when heaving the stack. In order to avoid a possible shifting of the boards, the suction frame, which is part of  both systems, grips the stack during the stack’s transport.
  • Individual requirements are decisive for storage design

    Both systems have their own advantages. The    separate stack lifting cage type is equipped with a light suction frame and hence, can gain higher performances when picking single boards for a consignment. The integrated stack frame offers the advantage that times for fetching, automatically connecting and times for returning the stack frame after it has been used cease to apply.
    When working single boards the area storage system has an average capacity of approximately 10 – 20 seconds, depending on the system and layout. So the client’s individual requirements decide which system should be chosen.
  • Removal from stock with direct transport connection to following machines

    Boards that are to be removed from stock for a consignment are directly executed on the centrically running conveyors. These conveyors possess enough space to build up a temporary buffer and feeds following machines with these boards. Optionally consignment stacks can be built at a central position from where the boards are processed afterwards.

  • No time is lost in the production line

    Unmanned operation of the storage - system lowers high current labour costs. But even more important is the fast access of the area storage system. Thus no time is lost in the production line. A continuous flow is guaranteed.
    Whilst the temporary storage that has been built meanwhile is being worked off by the following machines, the material is put into storage.

  • Fast access, automatic operation

    A fast access is guaranteed because:
    • the system knows where what was stored at any time.
    • the system chooses the shortest way to move the material in and out.
    • while the system operates you can already enter or transfer the next task.
    • pre – picking during down time possible.

  • Damage-free handling of material

    One of the most important advantages is the damage-free handling of the derived products. By doing so the automatic storage system operates continuously at a comparatively high speed.
    Suitable for the supply of the production line as intermediate production buffer or pure storing system.

  • Storage and control software

    With the Systraplan storage system comes the 3Tec storage and control program, that can be operated under the Microsoft operating system. This guarantees that today’s and tomorrow’s requirements will be met also in future in respect of system design, flexibility and links to standard systems and standard software.


Horizontal storage with integrated stack transportation

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