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Storage system for full and half size boards


Rack Serve Carrier with Two Separate Working Lifting Platforms

Systraplan, has developed a rack serve carrier which obtains a considerably higher performance with two independent working lifting platforms.

In comparison to conventional rack serve carriers this system works with two lifting platforms which can be controlled independently. Each platform is equipped with own lifting drives and load suspension devices, which can work to both sides of the aisle.

Due to the independent working from each other a 20 % higher output in comparison to conventional systems can be achieved.
A direct connection of this storage technology to producing machines, i. e. saws, are already standard and proved to be very advantageous.

Storage system for full and half size boards

For rapid warehousing, the telescopic forks take entire stacks for storage in the cantilever type rack compartment.

For removal from storage, the single boards are fed directly to the cutting saw by a vacuum system.

For rainbow commissioning from stack, the single boards are taken from the warehouse by the suction frame.

The packages are built up on the telescopic forks for movement and delivery.

Description of the warehouse administration system, which comes with the storage system...more >>


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