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12.January 2024

Easy handling of sheet metal and plastic panels during storage and loading

The efficient and safe handling of sheet metal and plastic panels in industrial applications is a constant challenge. These materials, known for their sharp edges, the challenges of separating sheets and plates and the need for precise handling, require innovative solutions. In this context, SYSTRAPLAN has established itself as an innovative and competent partner that optimizes production processes with tailor-made storage and handling systems.
Thin sheets, coated sheets and the sometimes heavy weight of metal materials place high demands on safety and efficiency in the handling of sheet metal and plastic sheets. Standardized methods quickly reach their limits here. SYSTRAPLAN is tackling these challenges with its innovative concepts. Automation optimizes processes, increases reliability and greatly reduces the physical strain on employees.

Innovative storage solutions: High-bay and area storage systems

The storage of sheet metal and plastic panels poses particular challenges, which SYSTRAPLAN meets with its innovative storage solutions. The high-bay warehouses offer an optimum response to the high weights of these materials in a small space. These fully automated systems are characterized by a combination of lifting and stacking platforms that enable effective, space-saving and, above all, safe storage. Area storage systems from SYSTRAPLAN, on the other hand, offer additional flexibility when scaling a warehouse.

Both systems are individually adaptable and also enable flexible storage and removal of sheet metal and plastic panels of various sizes and thicknesses. By being tailored to the specific requirements of the sheet metal and plastic sheet industry, both storage variants facilitate the separation of sheets - even for sheets with low thicknesses.

These precise and customized storage systems are the perfect answer to complex requirements for highly efficient and safe storage solutions.

Gantry systems for process optimization

The gantry systems from SYSTRAPLAN represent a further central solution in the automation of the handling of sheet metal and plastic panels for further processing. These specially developed systems are designed to meet the requirements of the relevant materials and your company. By enabling safe and efficient feeding, stacking and transportation, our gantry systems also offer an optimum solution here.

Our gantry systems can be used in a wide range of industrial sectors, from general handling technology and flexible production systems to sophisticated processes such as automatic loading systems for various machines. By implementing our gantry systems, companies can not only increase their efficiency and productivity, but also significantly improve safety in the workplace.


SYSTRAPLAN: Your partner for efficiency and safety

SYSTRAPLAN stands for many years of experience, expertise and a customer-oriented approach. Our solutions focus on maximum economy and efficiency, adapted to the specific needs of each individual customer. With SYSTRAPLAN, industrial companies not only secure an advanced technology, but also a reliable partner for the future!