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10.August 2023

Automatic warehouse ensures a continuous production on the short-cycle press lines

Two high-bay storage systems, each system with 2 rack serve carriers, one system for the storage of raw board stacks and another system for decor paper pallets, with a variety of different decors, ensure the "just-in-time" supply of materials to the short-cycle presses for the facing of furniture boards.
The right material at the right time in the right place ensures optimal production processes. Together with the customer, SYSTRAPLAN develops and implements material flow and storage technology solutions precisely tailored to the requirements of production.

Next to optimizing the material flow, the storage systems are used to buffer material in order to make the production steps independent of each other to a certain extent.

Raw panel storage

Raw panels “just-in-time” to press

The raw material is cut into standard dimensions on a cut-to-size line and is then directly stored in the automatic high-bay warehouse as a single-variety stack.
On demand, the stacks are automatically provided for the short-cycle presses.

Melamine paper at short cycle press

The ever-increasing variety of decors in the furniture production leads to an increasingly stock of pallets with melamine papers. In addtion, smaller batch sizes on the short-cycle press lines require a more frequent change of decor.

Decor paper pallet storage
Due to smaller batch sizes and higher outputs on the short-cycle presses, the previous solution with a manual block storage system is no longer practicable.

Optimization of production logistics

SYSTRAPLAN, supplier of automatic storage systems as well as transport and handling technology, received the order to build  high-bay warehouses by a well-known manufacturer of wood-based materials, which meanwhile run to the customer's satisfaction.

The racks’ positions are approached in the required sequence. For the stacks’ handling telescopes are used that reach under the pallet or carrier plate. A mixed storage of half-size or full formats as well as intermediate measures is possible.

Direct or indirect connection of short-cycle press lines

When providing the stacks for the short-cycle press line, the system accesses the last started stack of the same variety. A quick and easy decor change is achieved by means of a direct connection of the short-cycle press line. Residual pallets can directly be returned into the high-bay storage.

Warehouse administration with interface to short-cycle press line

The warehouses’ stock management was equipped with software by 3TEC, a Herford-based company.
Several operator terminals allow the usage of the system at the specific short-cycle press. Through an interface that connects the linked short-cycle press lines all processes are shown in a transparent and so to speak online way on all monitors.