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26.April 2024

Efficient material handling with Systraplan stack & panel turnover devices

Our stack and panel turnover devices are specially designed to increase efficiency and safety in our customers' production processes. They offer a reliable solution for turning large and heavy loads, which is essential in many industrial applications.

Tailor-made and robust designs

The design of our stack turnover devices is a testament to our expertise and commitment to quality. The base frame, equipped with a rotary drive, forms the foundation on which the turner frame rests with the platforms and the side stop. The rotary drive is powered by an electric geared motor that acts directly on a continuous drive shaft. This shaft is equipped with VULKOLLAN-bandaged drive wheels, which ensure smooth and trouble-free rotation. The turning rings, guided by flanged wheels in the base frame, guarantee precise and controlled movement of the material during the turning process.

The lifting platforms of our turner can be raised and lowered using an electric motor, allowing flexible adjustment to different working heights. These platforms are also made of standardized profiles, which ensures the stability and durability of the entire system. The robust welded and bolted steel construction ensures long-term operational reliability under demanding industrial conditions.

Automation for improved production processes

Automated systems are essential in modern production, especially when it comes to handling heavy or large materials. The manual effort required to turn such masses is often inefficient and labor-intensive. Our automated solutions minimize these challenges by speeding up the turning process and reducing the strain on employees. This leads to a significant increase in overall productivity and efficiency in our customers' production facilities.

The integration of our stack and panel turnover devices into existing production lines is seamless. Continuous turnover devices, for example, which are integrated directly into the production processes, significantly improve the material flow, as the materials run in and out on a roller conveyor. This system integration is particularly advantageous for high production volumes, as it enables continuous processes without manual intervention.

Applications in various industries

The versatility of our stack and panel turnover devices is reflected in their wide range of applications. In the wood-based materials industry, they are used to efficiently turn pallets with decorative papers, which is particularly important when coating chipboard. In the furniture industry, our turnover devices support the turning of entire stacks of furniture parts between different processing steps, which significantly improves production efficiency.

Our turnover devices also play a key role in the prefabricated house industry by enabling the turning of large and heavy wall elements. This not only facilitates further processing, but also the transportation and assembly of the components.

Safety and additional functionalities

The safety of the operator and the material is at the forefront of the development of our turnover devices. The integrated side stop secures the material during turning and prevents it from slipping. This stop is adjustable and can therefore be adapted to different material sizes.

Another important feature is the integrated pallet clamp. These clamps securely hold and lift empty pallets that are lying upside down, enabling the pallets to be changed quickly and safely. After the turning process, the new pallet is automatically placed at the bottom of the stack, ready for further processing or transportation.

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Your partner for innovative material flow solutions

As your partner, we understand the specific challenges in the various branches of industry and offer solutions that not only improve material flow, but also increase the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your production processes. With our stack and panel turnover devices, we are setting new standards in material flow technology and confirming our position as a leading supplier in this segment.