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23.May 2024

Commitment to the environment - a core value of our company

At SYSTRAPLAN, we take our responsibility for the environment seriously. Our efforts to integrate environmental protection into all areas of our business are both a sign of our commitment and an essential part of our offering to our customers.
Find out how we actively contribute to environmental protection through advanced technologies and sustainable practices in our warehouse and logistics systems.

Innovative energy recovery in logistics

A key aspect of our environmentally friendly technologies is energy recovery in storage and retrieval machines. These systems use the energy that is released during braking or lowering of the machines and feed it back into the production cycle.

This recovered energy can be used to generate electricity or fed into other processes. This practice allows us to significantly reduce the energy consumption of our storage systems, which not only lowers operating costs, but also reduces CO² emissions from power generation and increases the overall efficiency of industrial processes.

Sustainability through efficient operations management

However, our commitment to environmental protection goes beyond the energy efficiency of our systems. The careful separation and recycling of waste materials is an integral part of our operating philosophy. Through optimized recycling processes, we ensure that materials are effectively reused, which minimizes the consumption of natural resources.

We also rely on reusable transport packaging to reduce the use of disposable materials. These measures help to reduce the environmental footprint of our production and logistics and support our customers in achieving their environmental goals.

Efficiency and ecology in harmony: our high-bay warehouses as an example

Our high-bay warehouses are a prime example of how economic and ecological interests can go hand in hand. The compact and space-saving design of these warehouses enables a significant reduction in energy requirements, while the gentle and precise material handling minimizes the risk of damage and increases occupational safety.

These technologies not only promote higher productivity, but also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing material consumption and the associated emissions.

Our vision for a sustainable future

As your partner in production logistics, we strive to contribute to the protection of the environment through continuous innovation and the constant improvement of our systems and processes. We recognize that the responsible use of resources is crucial to the long-term success and sustainability of our company and our customers.

Through our commitment to energy efficiency, recycling and sustainable operations, we not only set new standards in the industry, but also actively support our customers' environmental protection goals.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer technologies and systems that are both economically and environmentally beneficial. Our efforts and investments in environmental protection are a clear commitment to a more sustainable future and underline our role as a competent and responsible partner in global production logistics.