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21.June 2024

Tread booking systems from SYSTRAPLAN - a success story since 1977

Since 1977, we at SYSTRAPLAN have been developing tread booking systems that have established themselves as the definitive solution in the tire industry. Our continuous innovations and improvements have significantly increased product quality and efficiency and made us a reliable partner in this field.
As early as 1977, we began developing automatic tread booking systems to meet the challenges of the tire industry. Increasing extrusion speeds and higher quality requirements made it necessary to replace manual loading of the treads with automated systems. Since then, our book carriage systems have established themselves as an indispensable solution that effectively avoids the disadvantages of manual handling - such as deformation and damage to the treads.

Advantages of tread booking systems from SYSTRAPLAN

Our tread booking systems offer numerous advantages that significantly increase both product quality and production efficiency. Automation minimizes the risk of deformation and damage to the running strips, resulting in consistently high product quality. In addition, our systems enable continuous and increased output, which optimizes production processes and increases efficiency. Another significant benefit is the reduction in labor. Automation reduces the need for manual work and minimizes human error, which contributes to a further increase in efficiency.

Technological innovations and continuous further development

A central element of our tread booking systems is the belt tray, which ensures gentle and precise handling of the running strips. The running strips are taken from the transfer belt conveyor and collected into a batch on the downstream belt conveyor at a precisely defined distance. The belt tray takes over the complete batch and moves into the open leaf truck. After reaching the end position, the belt tray is retracted while the belts of the belt tray move forward at exactly the same speed. This enables exact positioning of the running strips in the leaf truck, which ensures the quality of the products.

Our continuous improvements have also led to simplified maintenance and reduced machine downtimes. Many details have been optimized to enable better and faster maintenance and facilitate repairs. This increases the reliability of our leaf truck feeders and minimizes downtime.

Applications and areas of use

Our tread booking systems are mainly used in the tire industry, where they meet the special requirements of this sector. Precise handling and storage of the treads are crucial for the quality of the tires.

Main components of an automatic leaf truck loading system

An automatic leaf truck loading system consists of several main components that together provide an efficient and reliable solution. These include an infeed roller conveyor with a vacuum turner or rotary intensifier, buffer conveyors with integrated batch formation, the loading basket with belt tray and a folding device to automatically close the leaf truck sides, and an automatic leaf truck conveyor to automatically change the leaf trucks. These components work together seamlessly to ensure precise and efficient loading of the leaf trucks.

Case studies and success stories

Our tread booking systems have proven themselves in numerous projects and have led to significant improvements for our customers. In the tire industry, the use of our systems has increased product quality and reduced production costs.

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SYSTRAPLAN as a competent partner

Our many years of experience and our customer-centric approach make us a reliable partner in the development of customized solutions. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and develop the best possible solutions. Our tread booking systems are the result of this collaboration and continuous innovation. We offer our customers reliable, state-of-the-art products and will continue to develop our technologies to meet growing demands.

Our track record in the development of tread booking systems since 1977 speaks for our expertise and our commitment to quality and efficiency. We invite you to see the benefits of our solutions for yourself and join us in shaping the future of production logistics.