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08.July 2016

HORATEC Plant 2 in Operation after Only 9 Months

Furniture Components for Experts - with this slogan Horatec has established itself for the target group joiners as the market leader in Germany. The company, which is located in Hövelhof, Germany, since 1996, produces individual furniture from Egger panels that are distributed to joiners via the timber trade.
Following the ground-breaking ceremony only 9 months before, HORATEC begins operations in their plant 2. The new plant will double the production capacity at the Hövelhof location. The aim is to achieve full 3 shifts within the next months. 

The new plant put into operation in April this year allows the daily production of more than 3.000 tailored, panel-edged and drilled furniture items. Behind the state of the art batch size of 1 production line for furniture parts from HOMAG and SYSTRAPLAN is a specially designed software solution for the entire process from planning to delivery.

Specialisation in Batch Size 1

Because of the specialisation in small number of pieces HORATEC has the capability to supply the craft with exactly the products that come up in the day-to-day business. From precise cutting over individual edge gluing to CNC processing – simply  the ready-to-fit finished furniture element.
Since 1996, the name HORATEC stood for finished furniture elements in the joinery trade. With the implementation of a business idea that sustainable changed the joinery trade, HORATEC is one of the pioneer manufacturer and has advanced to the market leader in manufacturing finished furniture elements for this specific group.

Over 3,000 joiners use this planing tool ROOMDESIGNER for the planning of kitchens and individuel furnitures up to cabinets under the eaves. The resulting data can be used online for price information as well as for the production at HORATEC. 365 days a year, around the clock is it possible for the customers to send inquiries or orders. These will be calculated automatically within minutes and are then reaturned in form of quotation or order confirmation.

Compact Sorting Buffer made by SYSTRAPLAN

The technique is backing on established solutions as they are already in operation in plant 1. The entire material flow technique as well as storage technology with a compact sorting warehouse was once again delivered by SYSTRAPLAN.

With the help of a compact sorting warehouse, the work piece will be temporarily stored between each individual processing step and is then made available just-in-time in a new optimised order for the following processing step. This does not only allows optimizing the production process when manufacturing furniture components, but also opens up entirely new possibilities to a more rational production.

Heigh Sorting Performance, Compact Design, Better Utilization

The sorting buffer has to take 2.000 cut parts in 2 shifts. 1.900 parts with an average of 2,5 edges have to be provided to the edge banding machine and over 3 shifts to two drilling machines. Because the parts are labelled and scanned, a secure material tracking is always guaranteed.

The system is integrated in a production planning system by 3TEC. This ensures optimum material and machine utilization, also because of the production of so-called “can parts”, which stay in the sorting buffer till these are required. Already at the planning for sawing optimization an "edge preview” will be taken into account.

SYSTRAPLAN is a special purpose machine manufacturer with the ability to respond flexibly to customer requests and to react at each stage to find the best concept and thus for the greatest benefit for HORATEC.