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10.December 2018

SYSTRAPLAN storage system as heart of a modern production for timber building systems

Schötz (Switzerland) Here is the storage system of Systraplan placed in the middle of the production of the Renggli AG. Renggli is a well-known name in the Swiss construction industry and continues to be on the road to success. This is mainly possible due to the modern production facilities. "The key here is the intelligent and efficient material flow achieved by the SYSTRAPLAN storage system," reports René Maurer, member of the management board.

With the additional production hall commissioned in 2012, in which the final assembly as well the material flow system have found their place, Renggli has set the course to be well-positioned for construction projects. Today, multi-storey buildings and not just single-family houses are also well feasible.  It was precisely this expansion and the new orientation of the company that was the decisive factor in the search for suitable partners with whom to develop ideas and solutions in order to achieve an optimal and smooth production process. "Of course, there were different providers and layouts. But looking back, we can say that the decision to work with SYSTRAPLAN was the right one in terms of competence, experience and subsequent implementation," explains René Maurer, who was involved in the evaluation process right from the beginning. Thomas Arnold, head of production, is also convinced of this. He himself does not even speak of a storage system with a rack serve carrier, but of the "heart of our production". Naturally, SYSTRAPLAN as special machine and plant manufacturer in the field of warehouse technology is very pleased about this. Last but not least, too little attention is paid to warehouse technology and management. Of course, a storage system specially adapted to the customer does not create or process end products, but intelligent linking of production processes with the help of such a system eliminates an otherwise immense internal storage effort, optimises the flow of materials and, thus, permanently reduces manufacturing costs and times. This is also confirmed by René Maurer, member of Renggli's management board: "The investment volume was of course very high at the beginning, but after six years of successful production it can be said that such an investment in a well thought-out distribution system pays off in our production method.

The SYSTRAPLAN storage system works reliable and efficiently.

Thomas Arnold, who himself deals with the system on a daily basis, adds: "The most important thing for our production is that the system runs stable and the interfaces function reliably. And this is exactly what SYSTRAPLAN's system proves to us every day in our two-shift operation. And also the corresponding support, if something is not 100% correct in the warehouse management, is available for us quickly and at short notice, even if this occurs only rarely and is mostly small things." As sustainability is very important to Renggli, the SYSTRAPLAN storage system was of course also designed accordingly and equipped with systems such as integrated braking energy recovery. The following data and facts of the system provide an impression of the dimensions of the storage system.

Technical data of the high bay racking with rack serve carrier

Length: approx. 76 m
Width: approx.  10 m
Height: approx. 9, 5 m
Steel support platforms: 3.06 m x 7.0 m
Payload capacity: 6 t per platform
Max. number of platforms: 125 pcs.
Travel speed of the stacker crane: 100 m/min
Cycle time: approx. 45-60 sec.

A system with unique and customer-specific functionality

SYSTRAPLAN Gantry SystemThe various carrier platforms can be loaded with a maximum payload of 6 tons in a variety of ways. There is space for raw boards, for example made of gypsum plasterboard or wood composite material, as well as already processed beams or cuttings. This allows a colorful and varied use of the rack system. The carrier platforms of the system can be loaded directly from the outside via two inbound stations. The required platforms are moved to the workstations with the help of chain conveyors or are also conveyed to the CNC machining centre. This high-tech cutting machine is then fully automatically lodaded by the adjacent SYSTRAPLAN portal feeding system. Two vacuum suction frames are used for this purpose, which first deposit the material on an alignment table and then transfer it to the machining center. In the case of particularly large raw slabs, these two conveyors even work synchronously. On the other side stands the machine operator, who controls the corresponding processing programs and places the finished cuttings back on a provided steel carrier platform. "We have to determine the sequence very early in the project, because the construction site needs our prefabricated wooden elements in the appropriate sequence for the assembly. This is of great importance with regard to a smooth assembly process in commercial buildings. Thanks to the unique concept and the functioning interaction between the SYSTRAPLAN storage/logistics system and our mechanical and manual production, we have created optimal production conditions on site”,Thomas Arnold, head of production, is pleased to announce. In order to be able to continue using the system optimally in the long term, Renggli orders an annual maintenance team directly from SYSTRAPLAN. René Maurer explains this as follows: "This is how we want to maintain the efficiency of the plant in the long term. However, it is usually only minor repairs and maintenance work that has to be carried out anyway, as the concept and construction of the system are really solid.”

Recommended partner for individual storage technology

Infeed SationIn conclusion, it can be said that SYSTRAPLAN's high-bay warehouse system is the central facility around which the modern production of timber system elements is placed. At Renggli, this is even lovingly regarded as the logistical masterpiece for the manufacturing process. This is also confirmed by Thomas Arnold: "The concept and the plant, which we have received from SYSTRAPLAN, are unique and specially designed for us. We are really satisfied with the functionality and availability of the machine and can only recommend the SYSTRAPLAN team as a partner for individual material flow and warehouse logistics".