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03.February 2021

4-side edge cleaning

For cleaning the longitudinal and cross edges of workpieces from protruding melamine paper

After the coating process, the board must be cleaned of the protruding décor paper. This is where SYSTRAPLAN's 4-sided edge cleaning system comes into use.

Separate scraping elements are fitted on both sides of the board to scrape off the protruding foil without damaging the board.

  • Automatic compensation of panel width and length tolerances
  • No setting to the panel thickness
  • Varying panel lengths do not require machine setting
  • Ceramic scrapers ensure a long tool operating life
  • Extremely short built-in length
  • No separate drive to transport panels through the edge cleaner
  • The waste drops into a funnel with crushing rolls and spiral conveyor, the outlet end of which will be connected to an extraction system

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