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05.March 2021

24-meter-high rack serve carrier mounted and put into operation

A gigantic new plant is being built on an area of over 200,000 square meters. As part of the whole, they relied on storage systems from SYSTRAPLAN to automatically pick panels for the furniture production according to the customer order.

After months of preparatory work in production, design and planning, the result is put to the test during assembly. Because even though the machines and systems are large and massive, in the end it all comes down to just a few millimetres. 

Whether it is lifting the long upright side structure or the lifting platform through the roof opening or aligning the carrier with the rail and the guides. Despite the large masses involved, an enormous degree of precision is required at every point. "Of course, we also have corresponding tolerances and, as we all know, a few inaccuracies usually occur all by themselves. Therefore, it is also particularly important that we set up and align everything as precisely as possible right from the start," explains senior fitter Gennadij Lier, who has been working for SYSTRAPLAN for almost 25 years and has already set up many systems.

The challenges that a special machine construction company faces with such a large project are already special, but thanks to the many years of experience of the employees and good cooperation between the individual departments, this can nevertheless be realized well, also confirms SYSTRAPLAN plant manager, Rafael Tajuelo. "Thanks to the good preliminary work and proper planning at an early stage, we were able to set up both vehicles in their aisles within just one week with the help of the appropriate logistics partners, their lifting equipment and our experienced employees on site."

The height of the rack serve carriers is impressive and the combination of stacking and individual panel transport is probably unique. For both, the worktop warehouse and the half-size panel warehouse, the order picking of a commission directly on the platform of the rack serve carriers for the furniture manufacturer's downstream production is an enormous advantage.