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21.September 2021

Tread loading at Tire building

Higher productivity at a lower input

SYSTRAPLAN's automatic handling systems have gained a good reputation not only for loading the leaf trucks. A well-engineered solution can also be offered for the unloading of the treads. 

Usually, the unloading of the leaf trucks and the loading of the tire building machines is still done manually. This not only compromises the quality of the finished tire, but is also associated with a constant, high level of workload. An automatic unloading and automatic uninterrupted loading of the tire building machines designed by SYSTRAPLAN according to the customer's requirements can provide a solution to this problem. 

On the one hand, workplaces with a high workload are reduced and, at the same time, the entire process in front of the tire building machine is optimized, reducing the downtime of the actual production machine.

The result is: Higher productivity at a lower input. Let us discuss the further optimization of your production processes now!