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26.October 2023

Optimization of the production landscape - The compact sorting warehouse  from SYSTRAPLAN

Material flow optimization plays a critical role in the production landscape. The ability to increase production efficiency while producing a wide range of variants with individual quantities can make the difference between industry-leading companies and the rest of the market. In this context, we would like to introduce SYSTRAPLAN's compact sorting storage, a tool specifically designed to meet these challenges.

What exactly is a compact sorting warehouse ?

It is an innovative system that is used to buffer workpieces between individual processing steps. This is done in an optimized sequence so that they are available just-in-time for the next machining step. Such a system is not only ideal for optimizing the manufacturing process in the production of furniture parts, but also offers completely new possibilities for rational production in various areas.

Advantages of the Systraplan sorting warehouse

Increased efficiency in production

The implementation of a compact sorting storage system contributes significantly to an increase in efficiency. The challenge of an increasing number of variants with simultaneous order-related single piece production is optimally addressed.

Application areas

One example of the versatility of this system is furniture manufacturing, where there are numerous production steps, from panel cutting to edge processing to packaging. However, the sorting memory is not limited to this area; similar tasks can also be found in other industries, which can be addressed by the system.

Goals and optimization potential

The goals of the compact sorting storage system include optimizing active processing times, changeover times and smoothing peak workloads. The system makes it possible to ensure consistent production while making the best possible use of resources and minimizing waste.

Technical aspects

Each workpiece received in the compact sorting store is identified by means of a barcode. This enables precise storage and automatic batch formation. For the next processing step, batches are automatically assembled in the memory according to priorities such as thickness, color or edge type.

Capacity and performance

An example of the performance of the compact sorting storage system can be seen in the furniture industry: with average part dimensions of around 1,000 x 500 mm, a storage system can hold up to 1,320 parts. And with a mechanical cycle rate of about three cycles per minute, the impressive performance of the system is evident.

Discover the future of production with SYSTRAPLAN

SYSTRAPLAN's compact sorting storage system represents a revolutionary solution in the world of production logistics. With its technical sophistication and adaptability to different industries, it offers companies the opportunity to significantly increase their production efficiency. For companies looking for a solution to optimize their material flows and streamline their production processes, thecompact sorting storage system could be just the right tool.

It's worth taking a closer look at this system and experiencing the benefits for yourself. Feel free to contact us or use our contact form!