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25.April 2022

Two of the largest rack serve carriers  for automatic panel picking

Venne (Germany), on an area of around 215,000 square meters, a state-of-the-art new production factory of the company Häcker Kitchens GmbH & Co. KG was built. Already at the plant in Rödinghausen, the company relied on SYSTRAPLAN storage systems for automatic picking of the panel materials, and this is also the case at the new location in Venne.
For more than a year now the automatic storage systems for picking melamine faced particle boards and kitchen worktops that are fed to the production lines are in operation.

24-meter-high rack serve carriers
With the installation of the 24-meter-high storage and retrieval systems months of preparatory work of planning, design and manufacturing were put to a pioneering examination. Even though the machines and systems are large and massive: In the end here, too, it comes down to just a few millimetres. Whether it's lifting the long side panels and the lifting platform through the roof opening or aligning the carrier beam with the travel rail and the guides. Despite the large masses involved, an enormous degree of precision is required at every point.

Low tolerances despite high masses
"Of course, we also have corresponding tolerances and as generally known, a few inaccuracies usually occur all by themselves. Therefore, a precise erection and alignment is particularly important right from the start," explains senior fitter Gennadij Lier, who is working for SYSTRAPLAN for almost 25 years and has already set up many a system.

Years of experience make it possible
The challenges that are posed to a special machine construction company with such a large project are special. But due to many years of experience of the employees and good interaction between the individual departments, this can nevertheless well be realized, confirms SYSTRAPLAN’s plant manager, Rafael Tajuelo. "Thanks to the good preparatory work and proper planning at an early stage we were able to set up both vehicles in their aisles within just one week with the help of the appropriate logistics partners, their lifting equipment and our experienced employees on site."

Start-up in a few weeks
In the following days, all other necessary mechanical and electrical work was carried out so that commissioning of the two rack serve carriers could begin in just a few weeks. The height of the vehicles is impressive, and the combination of stacking and single panel transport is probably unique.

Combination for stacks & single panels
For both, worktop storage and half-format board storage, the forming of a consignment of different boards directly on the lifting platform of the storage and retrieval systems means an enormous advantage. Whole stacks are stored, and the most diverse individual panels are safely separated directly from the stack in the rack to form a consignment on the lifting platform.

Automated guided vehicles
The link to the production is established via automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

New optimized design
Projects with 24 m high RSCs have already been realized in the past. With the help of the synthesis of stability and weight optimization, the design of the lateral masts was significantly optimized. Thus, the two rack serve carriers are the highest in SYSTRAPLAN's company history according to the new construction method.

Suction frame for panel separation
The entire storage system is a approx. 80 meters long and including the racks approx. 19 meters wide. Both vehicles can transport whole stacks with a weight of up to 3 tons. As is often the case with systems by SYSTRAPLAN, the stack transport is combined with a vacuum suction frame so that also individual boards can be accessed.

Space for the future
Häcker Küchen is already looking to the future when it comes to storage technology for half-size formats and worktops. For this reason, the building has already been built so large, so that the same system could be accommodated one more time.