For cleaning the longitudinal and cross edges of workpieces from protruding melamine paper

After the coating process, the board must be cleaned of the protruding décor paper. This is where SYSTRAPLAN's 4-sided edge cleaning system comes into use.
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Sorting storage - efficiency increase through material flow optimization

Optimizing the material flow with the help of a compact sorting storage system can make a significant contribution to using the processing machines and materials even more efficiently.
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Tread loading at tire building machine

We engineered our SYSTRAPLAN-Treadloader to improve the quality of treads and the work-processes at the tire-building machines of our customers. The issue of tread handling has always been a delicate matter for the tread production.
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Intelligent combination of single board and stack transport in area storage

Spittal am Phyrn (Austria), where around 2,500 "DANA-doors" leafes the production plant of the Jeld- Group every day to make their way to their customers. This is already a considerable amount, and a glance at the available number of variants makes this figure all the more impressive.
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