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09.December 2022

A VOLKSLAGER makes life easier

SYSTRAPLAN is known in the industry as a guarantor of solidity, reliability and commitment. This commitment is also reflected in a storage and retrieval system that has been specially developed for the lower price segment, making it a cost-effective purchase for any high-bay warehouse. Inform yourself now about our VOLKSLAGER!
Decades of experience in the construction of storage and retrieval machines have also been incorporated into our development of the VOLKSLAGER. The high demand on quality, functionality and longevity is, besides the affordability, also in the foreground of this concept and has led to many advantages.

Compared to an area storage system, the VOLKSLAGER guarantees a higher performance, because direct access to many different panel variants is possible. Where in a regular area storage system one often has to restack in order to get to the desired boards, our concept allows direct removal, which saves a lot of time and energy. In addition, this also guarantees damage-free handling of the materials, especially for boards with sensitive surfaces. But edge damage is also prevented by the automated and thus precise handling of the stored goods.

The innovative stacker crane, which is the core of the VOLKSLAGER, also enables picking directly on the device. This can save a lot of time, especially in the case of a high number of variants, and enable the fast provision of goods for production or shipping. In order to achieve this, various stacking platforms are integrated in the device, which can also be optionally equipped with various mechanisms for removal. Additional space for downstream picking is therefore completely eliminated, which can create room for warehouse expansion and save additional costs.

With all these advantages, the VOLKSLAGER can also be used with a comparatively low hall height of 4 meters, which is why it is also an option not to be despised for small companies. In addition to the optional removal mechanisms already mentioned, there are also many other expansion options for the VOLKSLAGER and it can thus be individually adapted to the special production and space conditions.

Make an appointment today to plan your VOLKSLAGER from SYSTRAPLAN and benefit from it as soon as possible! You can also find more information about the options and benefits on the corresponding page. If you have any questions, we are of course at your disposal.